Department of Islamic economics and banking


Scientific and educational activities:

1-     Final approval of economics of financial Islamic course in the Council of Humanities 2-  Evolution and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

1-     Establishment of "Islamic economics" website

2-   Setting up a the physical books and journals library in the field of Islamic economics and Persian and English books Digital Library

3-   Teaching Islamic economics and Islamic banking for financial-monetary and educational institutions.

4-   Interact with as administrative and operational organizations such exchange market, banks and financial institutions.

5-    Completion of the research panel of Islamic economics and Islamic economic system underlying issues in various spheres.

6-   Completion of the resilience economy administrative panel in different areas.

7-    Completion of the panel on new Islamic banking law with different approaches.


Future plans in the field of develop new courses:


1-     Correction and Completion of "Islamic economics "syllabus

2-   Compiling syllabus for two of interdisciplinary field in the Department of Islamic Economics and Banking

3-   Compiling an encyclopedia for Islamic economics and Islamic banking

4-   Compiling Encyclopedia of resilience economy

5-    Editing two textbooks in Islamic finance



1-     Operating joint and independent scientific workshops with administrative and research institutions.

2-   Cooperation with research and educational institutes of Islamic Countries (OIC) in Islamic interdisciplinary topics.