Department of Economics Public affairs

Scientific and educational activities:

1-     Attracting students in fields of economics at undergraduate level (with three orientations: theoretical, industrial, and transportation). And attracting students in the fields of economic and social systems engineering at postgraduate level.

2-   Based on the above fields, implementation of research projects (in fields of economics, industrial, and different markets).  In this context, the implementation of short term and long term training courses, workshops and in-service courses for organizations.


Future plans in the field of develop new courses:

1-     Development of new interdisciplinary fields depending on the needs of country and industry Investigating and identifying the needs by consultation with relevant organizations. Obviously (if agree), beginning to sign an agreement to development the fields.

2-   To investigate and develop new fields; by studying these fields in other world universities and adapting to local needs.


Favorites on a certain topic for educational cooperation contract with the

executive institutions and research centers inside and outside the country:

1-     Formulation and implementation of economic resistance with different specialties.

2-   Development and implementation of workshops in different fields with different specialties.

3-   Development and implementation of long term teaching which required by agencies (which don't have documented).