faculty of Economics

This university as the first training center of the Ministry of Finance, which later became the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance was founded in 1936.

The main objective of the center in the long 50-year period (1936-1986) have been education and upbringing of skilled manpower at different levels of academic so much so in many of those years, awarding scholarships to abroad for finance undergraduate and financial management graduate is conducted by the university.

Permit the establishment of the university as the "faculty of Economic Affairs" in September 1987 by "the ministry of culture and higher Education" and "the supreme council of the cultural revolution" was issued.

This university in 2003 with directive "the supreme council office" was separated from "the ministry of economic affairs and finance" and covered with "the ministry of science, research and technology" and the "faculty of Economic Affairs" was renamed.

Changes in the management of faculty in 2005 caused vast changes in faculty and in 2007 was renamed the "Faculty of Economic Sciences"

In 2010, this faculty at Tehran university and then protest board of trustees (Board of trustees of the University of Allameh Tabatabai) and agree the minister of science with "Allameh Tabatabai University" was merged.

Then this faculty from "Allameh Tabatabai University" were separated and by a vote of "council of higher education" as "university of Economic Sciences" with three faculty of Economics, Management and Financial Sciences continued to work.

Finally, in 2014, the University of Economic Sciences at the University of al-Khwarizmi was merged.

School Courses of faculty of Economics


1-    Transport Economy

2-    Theoretical Economy

3-    Industrial Economy


1-    Engineering, economic and social systems (Operations Research- Transport- economy- energy)

2-    Islamic economics and Islamic banking

3-    Energy Economy